Looking back on a generally good year I'm realizing I could list out a couple overall themes. Online dating, first career job, and cooking catastrophes lists are sure to come, but to start: 2015 was the year I made a point to say YES to experiences and see concerts.
  1. Sylvan Esso
    In November of 2014, a friend of mine invited me to see this band on St Patty's day of 2015. I had never heard of them but was happy to go and we bought our tickets for $15. Over the next few months, I fell in love with Sylvan Esso along with everyone else, and it was an amazing, intimate show. Favorite of the year. Deep bass with trippy beats and synth; opened by Flock of Dimes singing new work straight from her journal. THE FEELS. Someday I'm going to be able to say I saw them for only $15.
  2. Iranian folk concert the next night
    No photos were allowed. It was at a beautiful old opera house with stained glass windows and wood architecture. There is a large Iranian community in my city, and the main singer of this group is a charming old man who plays at various sidewalk cafes and everyone adores him. This was their culture's New Year celebration.
  3. Sufjan Stevens
    April 20, a special bday treat. I began with some modest tears moistening the corners of my eyes, like a dignified woman, and steadily progressed to full on weeping. This show was transcendent. Sufjan always remedied my academic anxieties in college- seeing him live is a check off the old bucket list. This tour was for the release of Carrie and Lowell. Gorgeous hypnotic noise music.
  4. St. Vincent
    I asked my concert buddy how she would describe St Vincent. "Electro-funk shamanistic cerebral art rock" was her answer. It rocked hard.
  5. Basia Bulat
    My favorite Canadian songstress! She was actually the opener for The Tallest Man on Earth so this was a regrettably short performance but I never thought I'd get to see her in person and I was riveted every moment. She is lovely and the auto-harp is divine.
  6. The Tallest Man on Earth
    This was an average show, and he was pretty cocky, but I don't regret it.
  7. Billy Dechand/Bell Weather
    Dipping into the sweet nectar of local music! The lead singer looked at me 10 minutes before the set started and declared, "Time for the leisure suit!" And disappeared to return on stage in a full 1970s leisure suit getup.
  8. Hurray for the Riff Raff
    We weren't allowed to take pictures and now I'm surprised at myself for not sneaking one. Anywho, I've loved this group for Ages and the show was so beautiful. This was in the same venue as the Iranian New Year concert.
  9. Death Cab for Cutie
    Adult indulgences for my teen self.