So this week I dunno what happened but I bought a ton of books oops and I have gone 3x over my monthly allowance for books because you know I short of accidentally got a bunch in Baltimore and well my shelf is full so they are piling up everywhere....see also: failed exercises in self control. No pics bc most are still in the mail.
  1. Rookie Yearbook 1
    Buying this was the end result of falling down a very long rabbit hole, a few steps of which involved me remembering I used to love Rookie and then seeing how confusing the new layout is. May as well read it this way right?
  2. Rookie yearbook 2
    I have to get things in series....waiting for my wallet to recover to get the next two.
  3. Howl by Ginsberg
    Found a facsimile of his original manuscript with his notes and scribbles in it at Red Emma's in Baltimore; didn't buy, had pervasive buyers regret, ordered it, now waiting anxiously. The archivist in me is also justifying this for its historical quality.
  4. It by Alexa Cheung
    The Internet was like "Since you bought Rookie yearbook, you might like this," and I was all "Yes, yes I would"
  5. Please Kill Me: the Uncensored History of Punk
    There is so much I want to know and so little time to learn it. I'm currently on a huge history-of-Riot-Grrrl kick right now; this seemed a natural extension of my current endeavor. Plus I'm all about broader historical contextualizing, and this has been on my list for years.
  6. The Boston Girl
    Have picked this up and put it back down from the library so many times. I succumbed to its siren call when I found it for sale at the grocery store.