After college I somehow became a convert to google chrome, forgetting the many beloved years of my internet life powered by safari. Today I booted up safari for the first time in ages and seeing the bookmarks across the top--unchanged for who knows how long-- instantly sent me back to being a frenzied undergrad with major laptop separation anxiety.
  1. Blackboard
    Wow, I haven't used safari in like, two years. Seeing this old intranet portal for my university made me so nostalgic. Like, I kinda want to hop on blackboard and check my homework assignments and stress about my grades again.
  2. My Univeristy' home page
    Ugh. The feels. They say you can't go home again...
  3. Library
    This links to my university library which I firmly maintain is one of the best libraries ever (even though I know that there are bigger and better ones out many years working for Special Collections has rendered me totally biased when it comes to academic libraries.) If I were to update this book mark it would either go to the seminary where I audit classes, or my local library whose ebook overdrive I plunder on a daily basis.
  4. Save to Zotero
    Thesis flashbacks
  5. Tumblr
    I used tumblr religiously from my breakup from Wordpress in 2009 through summer of 2014, when I was allowed to putz on my Office fan blog while working shifts in the coat check at my museum job. Without classes to be distracted from or a coat closet to work in, I've totally drifted from using tumblr recently.
  6. HelloGiggles
    @hellogiggles got me through some of the most stressful research projects of undergrad. They are the queens of emotionally validating study breaks.
  7. Twitter
    Is it true, these rumors on the interwebs that "Twitter is dying"? I live tweeted reading Moby Dick for American Romanticist Lit in college and many, many art museum geek-outs, so I certainly hope not! Plus it's great for bonding with strangers at conferences.