A short review of some memorable oops moments of last year
  1. Set such a high goodreads reading goal
    Because I rushed through books to get them done, rather than really absorbing them.
  2. Taken that prescription cough strup
    Because I didn't realize how strong it was and knocked myself out so hard I slept through an important work meeting (but learned the graciousness of my boss through this experience)
  3. Left that melon on my counter so long
    Because when it rotted juice all over the counter it ruined my laptop 😭 (secondary lesson: never leave your laptops on the counter and eat your melons before they rot!)
  4. Sent that really bizarre OK Cupid screenshot to a friend with a scandalous commentary that I knew she would understand to be a joke, but out of context might've seemed like I was serious
    Because I accidentally sent it to my pastor instead 😐