1. Substituting expensive or obscure ingredients from New York Times recipes at Aldi and having the recipe work out ok
  2. How to be That Girl at Starbucks
    Iced grande skinny caramel macchiato with an extra shot and an additional pump of toffee nut, please, and if you're able, hold the judgement. See also: basic.
  3. Reading 11 books at once and not finishing a single one in a month
  4. Over committing
  5. A special skill I acquired in liberal arts school I like to call "being professionally desperate"
  6. Going ape with groupons for $5 magazine subscriptions and then helplessly watching my apartment become enveloped by piles of unread monthlies
  7. Making cocktails
  8. Picking out presents for friends
  9. Snoozing the alarm for 1-2 hours, effectively rendering the alarm useless
  10. Forgetting about my Pinterest account for months at a time only to remember it one day and devote extensive focus on curating boards until one day I don't and forget about Pinterest again
  11. Coaxing the good finds out of seemingly barren clearance racks