If it weren't for this prompt I wouldn't have realized how many dorky art gallery profile pics I've used over the years. In chronological order, a journey through me documenting art stuff with profile pics.
  1. This was my first ever profile pic: I was in high school, had just learned that performance / installation art was a thing, and I thought this made me the coolest kid on Facebook
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  2. This accidentally set a precedent for art-related profile pics. Here are some highlights from the "trying very hard to be that art historian on Facebook" phase, end of high school/freshman year of college:
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  3. Contemplative yearbook illustrating in the woods. #deep
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  4. I'm sure no one has ever thought to take this picture inside this giant head. I thought this was #surreal
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  5. Someone duct-taped a broken mirror to the pain studio's supply closet, allowing for some #edgy #artsy photo ops
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  6. Then a trip to the AIC prompted a shift to #contemplative art history profile pics
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  7. And of course, #meta ones
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  8. Then, there was that one time I have my first ever gallery talk at a museum!
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  9. This year of art profile pics gave way to a few years of normal profile pic fodder, before returning to regular programming. In Art History Profile Pic Phase: The Sequel, we have a junior-year art history major who is just plain excited about art. Geekery ensues:
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  10. At the Pollock Krasner house!
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    (Research grant project)
  11. At the Guggenheim!
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    (Work trip)
  12. With Les Demoiselles!!
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  13. With Gas Mask Madonna!
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    By Tschacbasov
  14. With a Giddy selfie outside Christie's!!
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    First auction! Just an eager spectator taking lots of notes
  15. Touching some Oscar Murillo!
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    Pure joy
  16. And last but so not least...at the house which inspired American Gothic
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    10/10 worth the trip to Iowa