1. Little old ladies who carry their tiny dogs through the security checkpoints
    Airports are ripe for people watching. Similarly: observing how differently people dress for flights
  2. When the tiny dogs of old ladies are chill AF and make eye contact with every complaining businessman in the line like, "I'm a dog and I'm handling this better than you, do you mind?"
  3. Nailing security bin efficiency- you got yourself re situated so fast even that tiny dog couldn't compete
  4. Getting a coffee first and foremost before finding your gate on the board
    So zen!
  5. Mexican restaurants in the terminal
  6. Bodegas/magazine stands
  7. Night flying
    With all the lights of the runway and cities below, it's just enchanting
  8. Watching little kids watch airplanes traffic in and out and take off with unadulterated joy and curiosity
  9. Practically everyone at the gate reading an actual paper book
  10. Hearing a different language every few minutes, and the inevitable, disembodied opera music
  11. Takeoff