Inspired by @aniko
  1. A Himalayan salt lamp I bought so late at night on Amazon I fell asleep immediately after confirming my order, forgot about it, and was completely surprised (but delighted) to find on my porch when it arrived
  2. A piece of brick a dazzling 5 year old gave me "to keep the evil spirits and monsters from pinching your toes"
  3. A giant amethyst from a mountain man from the Ozark mountains (for general energy and lucid dreaming)
  4. A photo of my high school best friend and I in shadows on my street
  5. Special ephemera
  6. An ugly alarm clock
  7. An almost empty, old prescription cough medicine
  8. Marcia Tucker's Book "A Short Life of Trouble"
  9. Andy Weir's "The Martian"
  10. Random old packages of incense I've never burned
  11. Miscellaneous hair ties, clips, Bobby pins
  12. Black sheep sleep mask
  13. Glass of water