Some things are just never okay in my book...
  1. Slow drivers
  2. Fat people who take the elevator
  3. Grown ass people who need to hold their nose when they jump into water
  4. The Boston Red Sox
  5. Traffic
  6. The Nissan Cube
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  7. Any drugstore that isn't CVS
  8. Fresh Blueberries
  9. Anyone who is completely comfortable living off the government when they are perfectly capable of not
  10. Rough toilet paper
  11. Winter
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  12. Colds
  13. Matthew McConaughey
  14. The Philadelphia Eagles
  15. How expensive the cost of living is
  16. Talking on the phone
  17. Guy Fieri
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  18. People who take the full time every draft pick in a fantasy draft
  19. Black Friday
  20. The New England Patriots
  21. Hotels that don't offer continental breakfast
  22. Barbecue sauce
  23. The Pittsburgh Penguins
  24. My golf swing
  25. John Starks
  26. Reading - the activity, not the town. Okay probably both
  27. Sidney Crosby
  28. A crying baby
  29. Halloween
  30. Fresh Tomatoes
  31. Being late
  32. People who are always late
  33. Shaving
  34. The fact mustaches aren't socially acceptable anymore
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  35. Old people on social media
  36. Robert Griffin III
  37. Religion
  38. Cauliflower
  39. Painting
  40. Boston fans
  41. Conan O'Brien
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  42. Pork Chops
  43. Nerds
  44. The Big Bang Theory
  45. The fact that Home Improvement isn't on TV anymore
  46. Shawn's dad on Boy Meets World always leaving him
  47. People who are anti spanking their kids
  48. No free wifi on airlines
  49. The part of Charlie Brown's Christmas where Linus talks about the meaning of Christmas
  50. Any Home Alone after Home Alone 2
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  51. Law and Order SVU Marathons
  52. Jack Edwards
  53. Jerry Remy
  54. Curt Schilling
  55. Phoebe from Friends
  56. Washington DC
  57. No more Thursday Night hockey on ESPN
  58. Little Nicky
  59. Fake friends
  60. People who hate on America, yet refuse to leave
  61. The University of Tennessee Orange Color
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  62. The Sound of Music
  63. Puzzles
  64. Parades
  65. People who spend all that money to bring a 2 year old to Disney
  66. Condoms
  67. Wetzels Pretzels (Auntie Annie's or nothing)
  68. The Duggars
  69. Bees
  70. White Chocolate
  71. Sam Adams
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  72. Fat girls who wear skinny jeans
  73. Any guy who wears skinny jeans
  74. People who wear rain boots when it's not raining
  75. Guys who call girls Hun
  76. EverSource
  77. Kevin Millar
  78. Poetry
  79. Tolls
  80. Anyone who does Crossfit
  81. Rum
  82. People who wish Happy Birthday to their 90 year old grandmother on Facebook when she clearly isn't on Facebook
  83. Barry Melrose's Hair
  84. Wheel of Fortune
  85. People who eat junk food and never gain a pound
  86. Anyone who doesn't know who Benny Agbayani is
  87. Emmitt Smith as an Arizona Cardinal
  88. The 2001 Diamondbacks
  89. The referee who overturned Dez Bryant's catch