Every once in a while you have a bad, bad year
  1. At the beginning of 2015 I had 3 more relatives and 2 more close friends than I have now
  2. In January the mother of a close family friend died.
    Totally unexpected. I think she died of a broken heart -- just a few months after her husband, the love of her life, died.
  3. In February my mother's older brother died. .
    He was sick, but his death was still a bit of a surprise
  4. In May, my vibrant, healthy father died totally unexpectedly
    Yes, he was almost 91, but he had the mind and energy of a 60 year old. I miss him every single day
  5. In July a close friend of my family died, a small surprise
    She was elderly and starting to fail. But still hard to believe she's gone
  6. In August my aunt suffered a stroke
    She has mostly recovered. But yet another thing to worry about
  7. In September my major client decided to retire
    OMG just a total surprise. She's younger than I am and she provided almost half my income. Major financial struggle on top of major grief
  8. In late October I joined list app
    One of best things I did this year. I open up here more than on any other social media platform. You all are amazingly supportive
  9. In November a younger cousin died.
    Yes, he was sick & yes, he didn't take care of himself. But he was way too young to die.
  10. In early December I took time for me
    I haven't been here for a week. So hard to get through the holidays w/o my dad. It weighs so heavily on me I have little energy to participate
  11. In mid December
    I have three new clients, I am rejoining social media, I am reading again, I am walking again*, I feel ready to socialize IRL. [*i used to walk 2 miles outside every day, weather permitting. I stopped when my dad died.]
  12. In mid December
    I'm looking forward to the new year with hope. I think I may be turning the corner on my grief.