Turns out I'm mostly a paper & pen person
  1. Gave up on the complex apps and programs
    I think I've tried them all. Just don't work for my freelance life
  2. Kitchen wall calendar
    This is where we record travel dates, appointments (doctor, hair, dentist), social activities, and anything that pertains to both of us
  3. Wunderlist
    This is used only for groceries and is our only app for organizing. We each add and subtract from list independently -- the weekly list synchs so we don't duplicate
  4. Weekly planner
    I use a simple weekly planner to keep track of my work & blog & daily tasks. No decoration, no inspiration. Just a record of my hours, projects, due dates. This lives in my home office. Has worked for me my whole career. Mr BFR uses same for his work (he's also self-employed)
  5. Journal
    I use a lined journal in a quasi-bullet journal way to keep track of general info: movie lists, travel ideas, gift ideas, meal planning, and so on. This is not personal or private & my husband sometimes creates his own pages. Here's where we also keep permanent lists--for example, seasonal chores & packing for trips.
  6. Evernote
    Okay, I lied. We use one other program/app: Evernote. Here's where we collect web pages and info that pertain to random things, esp when we're researching for a major purchase or planning a vacation.