1. C. S. Lewis 11/29
    The Chronicles of Narnia - widely loved children's fantasy series
  2. Tayari Jones 11/30
    Silver Sparrow - novel about family, lies, teenage girls and set in 1980s Atlanta
  3. Candace Bushnell 12/1
    Sex and the City -- the book that inspired the HBO series
  4. Ann Patchett 12/2
    Bel Canto - magical realism, terrorist attack with hostages; the captors' reactions and interrelationships. Set in South America
  5. Francesca Lia Block 12/3
    Love in the Time of Global Warming: a kind of Odyssey retelling set in a dystopian future
  6. Rainer Maria Rilke 12/4
    The Book of Hours -- poetry
  7. Calvin Trillin 12/5
    About Alice -- a moving, beautiful, and heart-wrenching tribute to his beloved wife