Literary Birthdays for the Week (12/20 - 12/26)

  1. Sandra Cisneros (12/20)
    The House on Mango Street. A coming of age story
  2. Anthony Powell (12/21)
    Dance to the Music of Time -- 4 books that follow a man over several decades in mid-20th-century England
  3. Edwin Arlington Robinson (12/22)
    Poet Author of "Richard Cory"
  4. Norman Maclean (12/23)
    A River Runs Through It. If you haven't read this gem of a novella, you really should
  5. Stephenie Meyer (12/24)
    The Twilight trilogy. Vampires, werewolves and all that 😊
  6. Carlos Castaneda (12/25)
    The Teachings of Don Juan. A hippie classic
  7. David Sedaris (12/26)
    Holidays on Ice. Humor. Audiobook fans should definitely listen instead of read