Requested by Meg

My Favorite Female Authors

This is going to be a quick off-the -top of my head list. Some classics and some fun reads. If you asked me tomorrow I might have a different list altogether Thanks @mhawkeyem for the suggestion
  1. Colette
    Love all her work but esp. SIDO and MY MOTHER'S HOUSE
  2. MFK Fisher
    Discovered her in the early 1980s. Attribute my love of food writing to Fisher. Try anything. Maybe the anthology THE ART OF EATING
  3. Jane Austen
    Well can't not list her. PRIDE & PREJUDICE is my fav
  4. Diana Gabaldon
    Cause I love Claire & Jamie. Start at the beginning with OUTLANDER
  5. Laura Ingalls Wilder
    I read and re-read her Little House books when I was little (long before the TV show) and then later pretty much everything I could find about her life. Start with LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE
  6. Alice Walker
    Because her words stick with you long after you finish her books. You've read THE COLOR PURPLE, right?
  7. Elizabeth Peters
    I loved her Peabody / Emerson books. So much fun, esp in audio.
  8. Mary Roach
    For writing fun, informative nonfiction. My fav is STIFF
  9. Cynthia Kadohata
    For writing stupendous middle grade books. Her themes are tough, but she doesn't dumb down her stories for youngsters. Maybe try WEEDFLOWER
  10. Amy Stewart
    For the same reasons as Roach. But don't miss her fiction debut. Try THE DRUNKEN BOTANIST
  11. Thrity Umrigar
    For her ability to show that women's issues are universal. And I love her writing. Read it all, but I suggest THE STORY HOUR