Reading in Under an Hour #1

From this week's lunchtime reading. Revamping my very occasional blog feature for here
  1. Look Inside a New Photography Book That Recreates 50 Iconic Meals from Literature
    Photography, books, beauty, food creativity -- this book by Dinah Fried is now on my wish list:
  2. Terry Gross and The Art of Opening Up
    Come on, it's a conversation with Terry Gross. No more need be said.
  3. Why Are Old Women Often the Face of Evil in Fairy Tales and Folklore?
    Cause men are afraid of us? Or because women are the glue of society? Thoughtful reading.
  4. Patti Smith on the Two Kinds of Masterpieces and Her Fifty Favorite Books
    Engrossing reading. I loved her last memoir. Just Kids & am looking forward to the new one, M Train. She's smart & talented.
  5. Absinthe Used to Be Malaria Medicine: The Secret History of Cocktails
    I knew there was a good reason to have a drink before dinner. From Ancient Rome to today. Fun reading--added Matthew Rowley's book to my wish list.