Revamping a blog feature into a list. Short pieces I've read recently
  1. The Women Who Fought to Be War Correspondents
    From WWII to Vietnam, women journalists dedicated to their craft and rejecting the "rules' that banned them from combat zones
  2. What's It Really Like to "Walk" in Space
    Loved these stories from men and women who have floated above Earth.
  3. Lost At Sea: The Man Who Vanished for 14 Months
    I have had a lifelong fascination with survival stories. Imagine drifting helplessly across the Pacific for more than a year.
  4. The New Cool Girl Trap: Why We Traded One Set of Rigid Rules about Who's "Likable" for Another
  5. Neil Gaiman on Storytelling in the Age of the Internet and Other Oddities
    Gaiman on being young and writing Sandman and on returning to it 29 years later -- plus other cool things
  6. The Cult of Productivity Is Preventing You from Being Productive