Short pieces that caught my eye this week
  1. If You Enjoyed a Good Book and You're a Woman, the Critics Think You're Wrong
    Get ready to get angry -- Loved this well-thought-out and well-written piece on gender issues and book reviews.
  2. In Iceland, a Literary Tour Explores Rich History
    I've always liked books set in Iceland. This article explores the country's rich storytelling tradition (plus photos).
  3. In Pictures: Medieval Women
    Some images from the British Library's collection and from a relatively recent book about medieval women.
  4. Reflections on Our Fascination with Vikings and What It Tells Us about How We Engage with the Past
    It's no secret that I have a thing for Vikings (and for the Middle Ages). This compares our conceptions of the Vikings to the reality.
  5. Don't Judge Gluten-Free Too Harshly. Science Shows It's More Complex Than Facts vs Fad
    Ever wonder about whether a gluten-free diet was necessary or just a fad? Here are some thoughts.
  6. Quite Frankly: Schlow Centre Region Library Reflects on Growth As It Celebrates 10 Years at Its Allen Street Location
    How a small-town library is adjusting to and thriving even in today's technological world.