Suggested by @elizabeef Books presented in no order. See also my list of 1st sentences First Sentences of Books I Want to Read for more books on my reading list
  1. Pacific by Simon Winchester (Oct 2015)
    How the countries along and in the Pacific have shaped the world's past , present, & future. His writing style is very accessible
  2. Believarexic by JJ Johnson (Oct 2015)
    A novel in verse about a teen's relationship with food and her body
  3. The Muralist by BA Shapiro
    U.S. art, politics, and social movements at the dawn of WWII. Fiction. Loved her first novel
  4. The Art of Language Invention by David J Peterson (Sept 2015)
    Ever wonder what it takes to invent a language for a new world when writing fantasy or science fiction?
  5. Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho (Sept 2015)
    Epic fantasy with adventure, politics, romance, humor, and social commentary. Many people I trust loved this
  6. Recipes for Love and Murder by Sally Andrew (Nov 2015)
    Mystery, South Africa, cooking, women, advice column -- looks like a fun read