1. There are a ton of trucks on the road this morning
  2. I'm glad I don't have to do this every day
  3. I should have had another cup of coffee
  4. Only 120 miles between here and home
  5. Thank god for audiobooks
  6. Oooh, pretty sunrise . . .
  7. And glad I'm headed west
  8. Crap. I lost track of the speed limit; is it 70mph yet?
  9. Hope my husband left me some coffee before he left for work . . .
  10. But maybe he shouldn't have left the coffee maker on if no one's home
  11. Yay. Here's my exit.
  12. Oops, must remember to slow down
  13. Yay for being home.
  14. So happy to find hot coffee waiting for me in a thermos