Tomorrow is our 30th anniversary. Have we learned anything? Maybe...
  1. We are now older than our mothers were when we got married.
  2. Three decades of marriage equals a garage that may never be fully sorted out.
  3. We used to wait with bated breath for VCR tapes of "LA Law" that my mother would mail from the U.S. to Germany. Now we wait with bated breath for our daughter to bring home an adapter from the iTunes Store so we can watch "Borgen." Don't get too attached to trends. THAT is totally aging.
  4. Have children when you both can agree on it. There is otherwise no "good" or "bad" time.
  5. Hormones affect men, too.
  6. Devotion should be mutual.
  7. Habits can and will change; what doesn't change is motivation. Try new adventures while respecting each others' limits.
  8. Good manners help more than anyone might want to admit.
  9. Frippery means much less than most people wish it did. We've watched many a romantic courtship/proposal end in divorce. Bent knees and big rocks are nothing compared to years of quiet gestures like coffee delivered to a bedside.
  10. We are actually excited about the next 30 years.