Passing the time in the office.

You know, if you're bored.
  1. Lifts.
    Wait in the lift and greet strangers with a hearty handshake.
  2. Phone calls.
    Insist that the caller is on a very bad line and repeatedly ask them to speak up just to see if you can get them to shout.
  3. Meetings.
    Instead of a laser pointer, use a machete to refer to out of reach parts if your presentation.
  4. Photocopiers.
    Leave a sheet of paper listing your colleague's names in the photocopier. Ensure one name is crossed out.
  5. Meetings pt 2.
    "Accidentally" hand out sheets of paper titled "How I will bankrupt the company" before hurriedly collecting them in insisting to everyone that it's only a joke.
  6. Boss Tennis.
    Play with a colleague. Rules are simple - Find a reason to have your boss contact the other player. When the boss stops and gets the player to do so, that player loses.