1. Money does not magically come from my A$$
  2. 95% of the things we have are LUXURIES and we could do without them
    (Cellphones, Hulu, Netflix, internet)
  3. I have sacrificed A LOT to raise you, you haven't done a damn thing to honor my sacrifice
  4. I trusted and paid your mother to raise you and keep you safe...she didn't do that and I feel like I am the one to blame.
  5. You're not the only one who has to live with what happened to you. I have to do it DAILY
  6. Food is not just for you.
  7. Learn how to divide by 2, because their's two of us.
    It's not 60/40 & if it was it would be 95/5 because I paid and drove and work etc.
  8. Do your part
  9. Because I said so!
  10. Because I said so!