Music comes in waves. A couple years ago, the typical popular song had a sick beat drop. A couple years before that, bands/artists were making their songs folky. Here's a couple of mainstream artists that I think are actually talented.
  1. Adele
    HELLO. IT'S ME. Despite her music being overplayed on the radio, DO NOT let that take away from how great of an artist she is.
  2. Justin Bieber
    Listen, I was the same way in high school: I hated Justin Bieber and looked down on anyone who liked/listened to him. But guys, Purpose is such a brilliant album. Bieber has matured so much over the years, and that includes his music. Working with Skrillex and Diplo was the best career decision he could ever make, and his new album shows us all that he is an incredible artist.
  3. Drake
    Best rapper in the game by far. Drake has been murdering the charts, and his music proves why. Drake is doing things that no rapper has ever done before. He's changing the game. "If You're Reading This It's Too Late" is such a great freestyle mixtape, start to finish. Lil Wayne passed the torch to Drake, and Drake is going to hold on to it for a while.