Every few years I fall in love with an unusually exciting singing group. These groups feature innovative harmonies and brilliant songwriting, and I am fortunate to have heard all of them perform a number of times.
  1. The Bobs.
    They've been performing and recording since the early 80's, and they were acapella before acapella was cool. Start with My, I'm Large, their second album and a wonderful introduction to their humor and creativity.
  2. The Roches.
    Three sisters from New Jersey who no longer perform together and boy, do I miss them. Start with their first album, The Roches, and see if you don't fall in love a few seconds into their very first song.
  3. Girlyman
    An incredibly talented trio who later added a drummer, they disbanded in 2013 after 12 years of recording inspired songs and heavenly harmonies. Like The Bobs, they deserve to be far better known. Start with Little Star or Remember Who I Am.