I'll skip the well-known sites because you're already aware of them.
  1. All Music How could I live without this one? Who else has recorded this song, and on what album? What are all of Jackson Browne's albums, in order, and which songs are on each one? And on and on . . . .
  2. Arts & Letters Daily Links to all kinds of good articles, book reviews, and opinion pieces. A classy site.
  3. The Browser "Writing Worth Reading." Five or six articles a day that you might appreciate. Recommended recently by NYT columnist David Brooks.
  4. Chess Viewer Sometimes you might want to watch a chess game in progress. Most of these games go fairly quickly, although some are just too fast.
  5. Headbutler Four days a week, cultural observer Jesse Kornbluth recommends a book, a CD, a movie, a TV show, or a product you'll want to know about and may want to buy. Also available as an e-mail, which I recommend.
  6. Metacritic Want to learn something about a movie before you decide to see it? This is the place!
  7. Previously TV Not sure you understood everything in last night's episode? Want to see what other people thought of that show? This is the place.
  8. Slate A daily magazine online, and like everything else on this list, it's free. HIgh quality and great range.
  9. Mark Steyn If you don't happen to like his conservative views (and I do), you might want to read his wonderfully detailed weekly essays on classic American songs.
  10. Times of Israel An online newspaper with excellent coverage of Israel and the Jewish world.