Looking Back, I See That I've Seen Some Spectacular Sunsets.

  1. I remember this one: The colors were so rich that the people on that ridge in the distance were yodeling at us.
  2. A crazy mix of the natural and the industrial.
  3. First person to guess where this sun was setting wins a...um....er... a free limerick penned by me!!
  4. Ever watch a sun set through a flag? Now you don't have to.
  5. Sunset at 30,000 feet, reflecting off the engine going somewhere I can't remember.
  6. Yeah, it might look like Dubai but the buildings in the distance are actually Jersey.
  7. This pond is in the Yucatan. The sun had just gone down a wee bit to the right of the pond which, as I say, is in the Yucatan.
  8. Brightening the evening commute, No. 1.
  9. Brightening the evening commute, No. 2.
  10. Half sunset, half storm.
  11. A sunset so beautiful it nearly made a refinery and a waste containment station worth looking at.
  12. You don't want to be here after sunset — you know, when the night archers come out.
  13. Sometimes this city sets my heart on fire.
  14. Not as exotic as it looks: Soldier Field in Chicago.
  15. Woodsy!
  16. Hudson Valley cotton candy.
  17. This sunset is bouncing off a bell tower.
  18. Minutes after this picture was taken, I was running down a hill so as not to find myself in the desert after dark. (I made it.)