The Crazy Shit I Saw at the Fair

Piglets! Ice cream! Men on fire! It's like the circus rolled into town—and then crashed straight into the barn.
  1. This is exactly what you think it is: a man on fire. Jumping from 60 feet. Into a kiddie pool.
  2. They come for the rides and the animals and the milkshakes made by the 4H Club and more of those milkshakes made by the 4H Club.
  3. I guess they come for the turkey wraps, too.
  4. Hello, Cowgirl.
  5. Hello, Piggies!
  6. Hello, Cow Ass!
  7. I don't really understand orange camouflage. In case you need to hide behind Tigger?
  8. At the fair, I did not expect to see prize-wining art.
  9. I did expect to rub shoulders with real farmers who don't use wheelbarrows as set pieces to display flowers.
  10. The guy who was operating this baby? I wouldn't get in the backseat of his car so why did I let him whip me around 80 feet above the hard ground? That right there is the magic of the fair.
  11. And so, in summary, walk over to your computer, Google up 'state fair' and go. You'll thank me later.