When You Visit Cuba, This Is What You'll See

You'll see a million amazing things. Here, a few pictures from a visit five years ago
  1. Yes, you'll see laundry. But you'll also see. . . life: Windows are open. Doors are open. And, most of all, people are open.
  2. You'll see layers. Is it a metaphor? Or is just peeling paint?
  3. You'll see the way it was. Turn the corner and walk into a different decade.
  4. You'll see all of those postcard moments—the old ladies puffing the stogies, the classic cars—but you'll also see things you never expected.
  5. Maybe you'll see a dramatic pose or two.
  6. You'll see architecture that's colonial, colorful, Caribbean, and communist.
  7. Elbows. You'll definitely see elbows.
  8. You'll see streets bustle and bop like 42nd Street.
  9. You'll see a little bit of life in every crack and corner.
  10. You'll see this a hundred times.
  11. You won't see many shopping carts overflowing with food.
  12. If you can get yourself to the top of a building, you'll catch sweeping views like this.
  13. Oh, and you'll see cute little fishing boats bobbing on the tide.
  14. You'll see that, thanks to those big ol' classic cars, parking is insanely tight.
  15. Hopefully, you'll see this.