Why I Still Love New York (In Spite of the F Train)

A few pictures I took of New York...
  1. Because despite our red ropes and $18 cocktails, people still turn out for parades
  2. Because our shadows tell stories
  3. Because from the right place and at the right time, the view can take your breath away
  4. Because we know where our hydrants are and we're not afraid to use them
  5. Because you can see mind-bending stuff at our museums
  6. Because we have a professional frisbee team that sometimes plays on the field of our semi-pro baseball team in the shadow of our amusement park
  7. Because of the Flatiron building
  8. Because anyone can win
  9. Because our beautiful decay can beat up your beautiful decay
  10. Because sometimes our skyscrapers actually scrape the sky
  11. Because you can see anything at any time
  12. Because of Coney Island
  13. Because we have so many bridges
  14. Because the fog changes everything
  15. Because we know how to celebrate
  16. Because even our Superfund sites can look sexy
  17. Because once in a while even the F train delivers