Requested by Reuben


My favorite thing to talk about; music! This is in no particular order. It broke my heart to leave out so many. Enjoy!!
  1. Toh Kay - Streetlight Lullabies
    Tomas Kalnoky is one of my favorite musicians of our time. His smooth voice and flamenco-like guitar style in this album are both soothing as they are captivating. Na, na, na, na, na, nana!
  2. The Beatles - Revolver
    Where does one even begin describing this album? For one, it's classic but it's also weird. Psychedelic fun with Tomorrow Never Knows to sad feels with For No One. This album, for me, shows the versatility for the Beatles.
  3. The Ventures - Golden Greats
    This is a compilation album that I love to throw on whenever I feel like having a little surf dance party on my own. Classics include Walk, Don't Run and Pipeline. Plus, with a 60s babe on the album cover like that, how can you go wrong?
  4. The Doors - The Doors
    This will forever be on any list of favorites involving music for me. The Doors basically got me through adolescence. The Crystal Ship will forever own my heart. Jim crooning, Ray, Robby, and John doing their thing. The Doors set the bar high with this gem.
  5. Fleetwood Mac - Rumours
    I absolutely love every song on this album. Songs range from Songbird which makes you want to give every ounce of love you have to one person to Dreams which is the epitome of breakup songs. The harmonies in I Don't Want to Know, Christine McVie's voice in literally anything, the bass in The Chain. Love.
  6. The Growlers - Hung At Heart
    So, I barely found The Growlers in 2015 and quickly fell in love. This album does everything for me. The eerie keys in certain songs, Brooks' voice, the bass lines, the lyrics. It all hits close to the heart. These guys are definitely my favorite "from now" band.
  7. Getz/Gilberto -Stan Getz & Joao Gilberto ft. Antonio Carlos Jobim
    I love this album because it allows me to just shut off my mind and relax. It's all in Portuguese, with the exception of Girl From Ipanema, probably the most romantic sounding language to me. Joao is one of my favorite vocalists because he just makes me feel like things will be okay, somehow. Just grab a glass of wine and listen.
  8. Flowers - The Rolling Stones
    I think this is another kind of compilation but out of all the Stones records I own, I probably adore this one the most. For one, the artwork, ah! Touches the hippie in my heart. Now, the music. It's the fucking Rolling Stones. My first memory of music is THEM with my dad. They'll always have a very special place in my heart. I don't exactly know what it is about this record but I just really dig it.
  9. Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
    Best album ever. I don't ever care how cliche that sounds. This album pleases my musically trained ears like no other. I can't skip any song, not only because it'll throw off the whole balance, but because they're all so good. Roger Waters baselines are life. I also just love how cynical this album is. It explains my late teens, early 20s.
  10. The Kinks - The Kinks
    The Kinks need way more love. They're perfect raunchy rock n roll. The strained vocals, the twangy guitar, what more do you need? Stop Your Sobbing is definitely favorite.
  12. Bobby Darin -The Bobby Darin Story
    I looooooove Bobby Darin and this album has almost all my favorites of his. Bobby is just so fun and has such a memorable voice. Hits like Dream Lover touch my latina oldies soul, Splish Splash makes me dance, and Lazy River makes me wonder why Darin never gets more recognition. Move over, Sinatra.
  13. John Lennon - The Plastic Ono Band
    Arguably my favorite Beatle. I feel every ounce of Lennon's pain in this album and I love it. COOKIE!
  14. The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground and Nico
    Lou Reed's voice is another favorite of mine. It's just so out of the norm and it's real. I feel like these guys were ahead of their time and were sadly overshadowed by everything else going on in '67. Honestly, what do I know, I wasn't born until '91 *shrug* This album is a gem, though. I'll Be Your Mirror is so groovy and sweet, Venus in Furs is perfect. It gives me feelings I don't wanna know.