Why not? :)
  1. I'm studying to be a teacher!
    One more quarter to earn my preliminary credential. This last quarter also happens to be my student teaching quarter. Can't wait to make lists about that experience! Here's a picture of me on my first day of winter quarter!
  2. I play ukulele
    I've been playing for about a year now. It's fun and stress relieving. In the words of a wise man named Garth, "I like to play."
  3. I love Star Wars
    Everyone I know gave me a Star Wars related Christmas gift this year because I wouldn't shut up about it. I do a decent job of keeping it cool but went crazy with episode 7 coming out. I experienced a 7 movie 20+ hour marathon for it.
  4. I'm goofy
    I don't even care about being embarrassed anymore. I love making people laugh.
  5. I love music
    I'm always open to suggestions but love the hell out of my "classic" rock. I put that in quotes because it's such an umbrella term. I also love finding records I've always wanted. And yes, I actually listen to them.
  6. I'm from LA
    It's pretty cool here. El Niño was supposed to hit us big but it only rained for like two days so...
  7. I'm a homebody
    My friends probably hate this. I change into pajamas the second I get home. Everyday.