All these woman are gorgeous but I don't see it! I'm kind of embarrassed making this list but I thought it was funny.
  1. Anne Hathaway
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    I wish but no. My dad likes to bring this up.
  2. This is me.
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    Closest I could find.
  3. Amy Winehouse
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    Dad again. I love Amy but don't see it.
  4. This is me.
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    Okay, maybe a little in this really old one. My bangs covered my dramatic wings.
  5. Anne Clark
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    Geez do I wish. Boyfriend says this one.
  6. This is me.
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    I don't see anything in this one.
  7. Sophia Loren
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    Dad strikes again. Wow, dad.
  8. This is me.
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    Strong eyes?! Idk.
  9. I think these four women have something in common but I can't put my finger on it and I guess it's something I have, too. Oh well.