I hadn't been to Disneyland in about 8 years!
  1. My boyfriend got us tickets for an early Valentine's Day gift 😭
  2. I was very excited
  3. Our first ride was Star Tours (naturally.) the last time I was here, it was always the same episode in the ride. I was excited to go somewhere new!!
  4. We got on (Hyper)Space mountain but I didn't get a picture the first time so here's one from round 2. Oh yeah, and @Ourglass got me this cute hat!
  5. I met Poe Dameron 😉
  6. And Chewie😭😭😭
  7. Boba Fett was there, too!
  8. 😭
  9. I got this😭
  10. My favorite droids.
  11. We got on the teacup ride and nearly barfed. We underestimated the spin power!
  12. We looked this cute the whole time
  13. The castle looked smaller this time around
  14. We had the guts to get on this
  15. Row we sat in was lucky #7
  16. Churro funnel cake
  17. Smoked his booty😍
  18. Got on that nemo submarine ride and nearly passed out due to small quarters + too many people
  19. Oh, Southern California.
  20. Such a tasty burger but a bit overpriced.
  21. We were forced to watch the parade. I've been over those since I had to march in them. In fact, last time I went to Disneyland was to March in some parade. Anyway, I'm too short to enjoy it
  22. No fireworks due to wind.
  23. Overall, super cute and thoughtful boyfriend.