There's way more (I'm a cancer, guys♋️) but these are the big ones.
  1. Happy
    I got to wake up next to my boyfriend for the first time in a while. It always gives those warm and fuzzy feelings of "home"
  2. Kind of bummed
    The happiness lead to bummed-ness because I thought about how we won't have a place together for a while because we're students who are barely making it and we live in LA where rent is stupid.
  3. Guilt
    We had pizza for breakfast.
  4. Goofy
    We're always silly together. We talked about random childhood things and laughed a lot. I can't even remember what was so funny anymore.
  5. Surprised
    Someone I went to high school got engaged. I wasn't surprised at that, I'm very happy for her but I'm just surprised that so many people my age are now taking that step or having kids. It's weird because I still feel like a kid most days. I was also surprised because I felt a weird...longing? Like, when is this butt gonna propose to me? But I snapped out of it. I have way more to worry about.
  6. Happy in a musical way
    I got to play my ukulele and sing. Who wouldn't love that?
  7. Sad
    I missed the X-Files because the thing I looked at said 10 PM but I failed to see the "eastern time" in fine print. So I completely missed it.
  8. Excited
    I started thinking about the week I'll have. It's going to be so busy but I'm excited to learn more. I want to be the best teacher I possibly can and I'm loving student teaching so much. I'm excited to get to it every morning. After some coffee...
  9. Tired
    I started doing my homework at like 9:30 and it drained me. Especially thinking of all I still have to do. The school stuff outside actual student teaching is a bore and if I'm going to be quite honest, I don't see how it's helpful.
  10. Silly
    I was reading "If You Give A Pig A Pancake" because I'll be using it for a lesson on compound words this week. I like reading to the kids. Especially in charismatic ways. They're going to love it!
  11. Thoughtful
    Reason for this list.