Inspired by @sarahgorman. What a great list idea! Some of these should also read "regardless of lack of skill."
  1. Musician!
    This has always been a dream of mine whether it was when I was playing sax everyday or now that I'm working on singing/uke. I've always regretted not going more toward music with my life choices because it's one of my biggest passions. I think if time and money permitted, I'd excel.
  2. Classic Rock Dj
    I know I wasn't alive for much of the great "classic rock" but I know my stuff so hear me out. I've been listening to the stuff obsessively for my almost 25 years of existence.
  3. Princess Leia at Disneyland
    I've noticed that they don't have her there. Let me do it, I'll do her justice! I promise!
  4. Astronaut
    I'd stay up in space for as long as they want me to. As long as I can look down and see all the beauty of the lights and stars.
  5. Teacher
    Oh wait. I've wanted this since I was 9, guys. I don't care about the pay. It's never been about that.