Must fulfill! I'm kind of late with this since its February and all..
  1. Perform at an open mic!!
    I've been aching to do this. I have to overcome any shyness and just do it.
  2. Earn my teaching credential
    I think I'm on the right path! Maybe...just maybe even get hired at a school after! :o
  3. Eat better!
    No more snackin'. Less junk food. Way less fast food. I'm pretty small so weight gain is super obvious on me. Not only that, though, I want to be healthy! I want to feel good!
  4. Drink way more water.
    I always notice that I'm dehydrated when it's too late. Enough of that!!!
  5. Start training for some 5k or something.
    I'm serious about this healthy stuff. Why not set a goal??
  6. Travel somewhere new!!
    I want to go to Hawaii! I really want to go to New Zealand but I'll take what's closer for now. Someday.
  7. Be nice but less of a doormat.
    No more of those friends that only come to me when they need something. I've been told twice within the last week that I'm too nice. I never feel the need to be stern or mean but I think that's because I never want to make anyone upset. Enough of that.
  8. Be happy!!!
    So far, this one is a success.