My favorite chords to play on my ukulele! @Ourglass your turn!
  1. E7
    11860dcf 1392 47ab ba79 1b164a744a38
    I wish I could put sound in this app. This chord sounds really romantic to me.
  2. Dm
    3c9ef144 a584 4d5d 8752 796f522d4fbc
    I love playing sad songs on my ukulele. The chord does it all for me.
  3. C to Cmaj7 to C7
    7f2bcac8 184a 4fd8 a4e2 7813b3552ffd
    I like all these individually but I love them in a progression. It sounds lovely. It's the beginning of Something by the Beatles (from what I've learned) a favorite to play and sing.
  4. A7
    C4e529fe 89bf 4363 af61 249f0856efe5
    Again, dreamy.
  5. F chord
    15b0c48b 30fd 4f9c b43b f2d0db3a8904
    This isn't really with ukulele. Probably piano. But I was in band for middle school and high school and we used this chord to warm up and it always sounded so pretty when it's in tune and blended.