1. When people put down people for posting selfies.
    That person was feeling themselves! Why make that a bad thing?! You know how tough it is to take a selfie and be pleased with it?! Stop putting people down for liking themselves. It's hard to love yourself as it is.
  2. When girls think they're better for not wearing make up
    Seriously, good for you for liking the way you look without makeup! It doesn't make you better than a girl who choose to wear make up. I'll admit, I was guilty of this a long time ago but then I discovered make up I like! And you know what? I'm not any better for choosing to wear make up. Let people have personal preferences without making it seem like one thing has to be better than the other.
  3. Recommendation letters.
    Like, I "get" them because they help potential employers see what others think of but they're so awkward. You're basically asking another person, "hey, write a letter about how good I am." That makes me uncomfortable.
  4. Why joint condition medicine comes in child proof thingys.
    I speak from experience on this one. It's like they're throwing it in our face that our hands don't work!
  5. Trump supporters.
    Is an explanation really necessary?
  6. A lot of math.
    It just never stuck.
  7. Why tv websites tell you the schedule in eastern time.
    Don't they detect my location whether I say yes or no? Don't tell me something starts at 10 when it actually starts at 7! You make me miss stuff. Also, I don't watch much tv so how am I supposed to know these eastern western pacific what
  8. Why pizza is so good.
    Stop. Please. My waistline is begging you.