1. Lessons will probably never go the way you plan them.
    That could be good or bad! A lot of times, I liked to play off the kids and see where they stood with the material. Other times, the lesson just fell apart. It's all really a learning process and I hope to get better at this and have way less falling apart.
  2. Everyone has a different teaching style.
    I hate raising my voice so my university supervisor seemed to take that as a weakness. He'd tell me to be more stern or tell me that I have no control over the class. He's referring me to classroom management classes, too. This got me mad because I've worked with these kids for 10 weeks and although I let them talk "too much" I felt like they were really engaged and excited which meant more to me than a quiet class just listening to me talk. Different strokes for different folks which is fine.
  3. Collaboration is so important!!
    Become bff's with the other teachers in your grade level. It'll help with planning and just stress overall.
  4. Rainy days are insane.
    Children are insane.
  5. Children are the most amazing little humans.
    They're so sweet. They're so creative. They're full of feelings and emotions. They're so complex. I got super attached to the kids in my class. This is gonna hurt.
  6. I've never wanted this more in my life.
    I already knew this is what I wanted but student teaching really showed me that I'm meant for this. These 10 weeks opened new doors for me and showed me just how bad I want this. I'm willing to put it above all else. I cry as I write this because it all feels right. I've never been so sure of anything in my life.