Note: this is pure sarcasm! I didn't want to make an actual negative list.
  1. You're going to be a teacher?
    I especially love that it's always in an "ew" tone followed by a "you're fucked" remark. Please! Inform me more about how fucked I am. It's not like I've invested six years into it and haven't heard it all already! (Note: you make me sad)
  2. I didn't like the new Star Wars.
    Or any Star Wars. I mean, I'm so honored that you feel the need to make this point. It matters to me if you love Star Wars as much as I do because I can't accept that other people have different opinions. I'll totally unfriendly you for it. (Note: I honestly don't care. If you're my friend and don't like it, that's 100000% fine! Please stop worrying about offending me!)
  3. You don't need make-up. Why do you wear it?
    Thanks for telling me! I would have never known! I wear it purely for others to like how I look! Im free of it now! (Note: I like how I look with and without it. I just like putting it on, it's fun!)
  4. You look 16.
    Lol at age 25, trying to gain respect, that's exactly what I want to hear. (Note: it is kind of cool. I look young!)
    I'm sorry!! Im just grumpy and wanted to vent. Most days, I don't care about any of this! Except the teacher one, that needs to stop. Like, now. People don't ask doctors "why" they want to be doctors. Leave teachers alone!