Things I think about on my ride home.
  1. Band
    I was a MAJOR band geek. It was my KEY to happiness and with it, I never fell FLAT on my face. Jokes aside, band shaped me so much. I played on every band possible. Marching band, jazz, wind ensemble, even dabbled in a ska band. Music shaped me completely.
  2. My family
    I know this is obvious but my family went through some hardships that taught me so much about life. Even more so, how we stuck together so tightly taught me even more. They've always encouraged and supported me. I have the best little family.
  3. That one break up
    Yeah, we all have that one break up. The one where you'd wear his shirt to sleep and cry your eyes out, lose 20 pounds, and overall be miserable. Then one day, you realize what a blessing that relationship was because never again will you let a man do that to you. I learned after making that mistake once. I honestly don't take any crap in a relationship now. I also learned that I'm a hell of a catch.
  4. Shitty friends
    If someone wants you in their life, they'll put as much effort into the friendship as you do. Don't ever let someone tell you that you aren't worth their time. In my case, fuck that person and everything she put me through. I'd compare her to the devil but I wouldn't want to insult ol' lucifer that way. This taught me not to chase friendships. They shouldn't feel difficult and you shouldn't feel like a burden.
  5. Growing up really nerdy
    The braces, the good grades, the lack of social skills. Yeah, it was all worth it. I got teased a lot but then I look at where I am now and where those people are today. Hard work > being cool. Plus, I think I cleaned up nicely.