I have three weeks left. I'm so sad.
  1. I need more arms
  2. I wonder if any of these kids will remember me
  3. I'm so doing this wrong.
    Usually during math lessons
  4. Wait. How many states ARE there?
  5. Coffee is god's gift to teachers
  6. We do this EVERYDAY?!
  7. I should win an academy award for this performance.
  8. Why is laminating so fun?
  9. I get to color!
  10. Just ignore them, maybe they'll stop asking.
    This has only happened like once. Don't freak out!
  11. Do they know I could hear them whispering?
  12. Why are kids so tall now?
    There's first graders that go up to my shoulder.
  13. I'd get lost in this sea of 5th graders.
    They're taller than me.
  14. I wonder if people think I'm a student here..
  15. Can I stay here forever?