So I got 5 frames to try on and I'm LOVING them and the experience. I'd recommend this to anyone who is tight on time and can't go pick out frames physically. List app wasn't letting me order then from 5 to 1, but that's the order they're in!
  1. Durand (whiskey tortoise)
    Too big :( but I love the color and the shape is *less* square so that's nice
  2. Vaughan (burnt lemon tortoise)
    You can't really tell but these are super tortoise. A bit too flashy for me. And too big on me anyway. Nice glasses, just not for me.
  3. Laurel (tea fade rose)
    So, I LOVE the tea rose on these but they're too big for my face :/ also, I'm not too big on the more square shapes. If I keep thinking of them later, I'll get them as a second pair or something.
  4. Watts (sugar maple)
    These are very similar to the ones lost. I really like the color and the shape of the lens. However, I think they're slightly small, for my liking.
  5. Percey (charcoal fade)
    Love love love! Clear winners for me. Not too big or small. Nice shape. And the color fade is super cute and way more obvious in person.
  6. They all look the same, don't they? Oh well, it's RUFF taking good pictures with glasses on.