I love to fly Southwest, it's my go-to domestic carrier yet despite challenges they get my highest praise for safety and confidence. But, even they find ways to fail.
  1. 1. Forgetting to turn off the fasten seat belt sign.
  2. 2. Allowing people to game the Early Bird seating and save seats for those who didn't want to spent the minimal cost.
  3. 3. Inconsistent stewarding, some strict some "whatever".
  4. 4. Leaving the seat belt sign lite so they can deliver the drinks without spillage, hint just pass out full cans.
  5. 5. The humor is sometimes just stupid, "like seat 11, 21 and 27 have only one oxygen mask". Stupid.
  6. 6. Exit row seating have beautiful instructions for a life raft but most of their Jets do not even have life rafts.
  7. 7. How nice would it be to offer passengers a daily newspaper, especially in the morning.
  8. 8. Please don't rush me out of the isle when boarding. Especially if I paid extra to board in A.
  9. 9. All flights should have 3-4 obese seats for passengers over 350 pounds. Why should obesity earn and get the open middle seat.
  10. 10. Help your passengers with tight connections get off first.