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5 of my favorite RPG'S for PC. No MMO'S are on this list.
  1. 5 - Baldur's Gate
    The game that got me into RPG'S. I have been addicted ever since.
  2. 4 - Star Wars KOTOR
    I still play the mobile port of this game to this day.
  3. 3 - Diablo
    I spent weeks on Diablo 2 and I am currently steadily playing Diablo 3.
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These are the games that I personally have had the most fun with while stoned. Enjoy!!!
  1. 5 - Gems of War
    Well one reason it is free. It is also a play at your own pace kind of game. Minimal Effort.
  2. 4 - Any Lego Game
    Lego games are easy, fun and if you are a stoner nerd they have you covered for choice of characters.
  3. 3 - Trivial Pursuit Live
    If you are anything like me and you love trivia games especially when you are stoned. It always seems to be hilarious when you and a friend go for the same answer and one of you barely beats the other.
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