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  1. Jaws
    "That's some bad hat, Harry."
  2. In and Out.
    What a fabulous window treatment."
  3. What's Love Got to do With it.
    "Do with it"
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Here is what people do at art house movie and why.
  1. Watch the credits roll
    The grips worked hard, too.
  2. Arrive early before staying late
    You don't want to be silly and miss the coming attractions.
  3. Drink craft beer
    Pedro Almodovar knows why.
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He is cute. He's a cute cat. He is a cute cat in a Christmas sweeter.
  1. 1.
    promote global warming
  2. 2.
    contribute to the delinquency of minors
  3. 3.
    probably help spread Zika
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  1. Bite himself
    If anyone is going to be bit, it is going to be you and Tigger is going to do the biting. His bite (a nibble really) means give me some wet cat food, stop petting me, start petting me or open that door.
  2. Get off the bed
    Nope. Tigger hears the command as hunker down on the bed or sleep next to your head. You are lucky Tigger lets you sleep in his bed.
  3. Come in the house when called
    Tigger's response to this request depends on when he was last fed wet cat food. If full, the response is "nope, I'd rather chew this grass or jump over the fence to the neighbor's house." If empty, the response is "certainly, my lady. You are my princess."
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  1. Paint front porch
  2. Identify and hex all enemies
  3. Paint wrought iron fence
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  1. Bartender battle Wednesday
  2. Getting all Tatted up at Eureka
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According to static on the WWW.
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
  3. 3.
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Found these stories fun ha ha and/or fun good gawd.
  1. State’s mistake turns ‘Mr. Boro’s Tavern’ into ‘Mr. Bobo’s’ http://on.dayton.com/1K7k7qe
    I would totally hang out at Mr. Bobo's. Clown sad it is not a real place.
  2. Duct tape challenge' lands teen in hospital http://bit.ly/1nN6hiN
    Sometimes Duct Tape is more enemy than friend.
  3. 'I will kill all of you': Man joining OR occupation threatens deputies, arrested for DUII http://bit.ly/1ZQfnHo
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  1. 1.
    I love my job
    I had a lot of time to reflect the two months I was out of commission. What the hell should I be doing with my life? Why the "F" am I a journalists? Why aren't I richer and MORE powerful. Truth is that despite the current shaky nature of the hungry bitch that is journalism, It is still the boy for me. Journalism and journalists still matters and can comfort the inflicted and inflict the assholes. I do my part no matter how small it seems at time.
  2. 2.
    Some people are inconsiderate jerks
  3. 3.
    But many more are awesome. As the most excellent Kelli Wynn of Dayton reminded me recently, "people can only give what they have." So many have reached out to me in small and grand ways.
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