1. Mama don't take no mess.
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    Poke her and she will poke you back.
  2. She's played by Carrie Fisher
    Carrie Fisher is a hot mess with hot, royal Hollywood blood running threw her veins. Like Leia she is a complicated princess.
  3. The Weave Force is strong with her hairy cinnamon buns.
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    Just look at dem locks.
  4. That mean mug
    Get yo life.
  5. She'd sooner kiss a Wookiee
    That's just a little racist.
  6. She's a brother kisser
    Better than being a mother pisser. I don't know what that means either.
  7. Don't let the title fool you
    Leia is no princess in distress. She can handle a blaster AND looks fly in bondage.
  8. White when ever the hell she wants to wear white
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    Leia apparently inherited at least some of that hair magic and love of white after Labor Day from her mama Padmé Amidala.