This movie is my jam
  1. Leeloo Dallas Multipass
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  2. Cat! Korben is a cat person and so am I.
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  3. Ruby Rhod: the future of man and media. Green.
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  4. The Diva Dance opera Diva Plavalaguna laid it down before being gunned down.
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  5. Good kicks bad's ass.
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  6. Fhloston Paradise and the awesome weirdoes who party there. I want to know them.
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  7. Tommy "Tiny" Lister as commander in chief
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  8. This script wasn't just thrown together. Luc Besson was 16 when he started writing The Fifth Element. It hit theaters when he was 38.
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  9. Leeloo beats em down in orange.
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  10. All the love stuff. Love it.
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  11. A 'she' is the toughest thing in the universe.
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  12. Priests with priorities.
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  13. Zorg is big business and big business gets it.
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  14. Mrs. Dallas
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  15. Technological advancements and dum-dums.
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