1. What if Lin goes on Beyoncé's next tour?
  2. Is it wrong to ship Sebastian Miranda and Blue Ivy Carter?
  3. If it is, do I want to be right?
  4. Will I be able to handle it if the Anastasia and Prince of Egypt musicals open in the same season?
  5. How did the new tour Jack Kelly's agent argue him out of a Disney-mandated Twitter?
  6. Did we put too much pressure on Aaron Tveit's Twitter-birth? Is this our fault?
  7. Will I get back to the point where people in my life can say simple things like, "Wait" without immediately thinking, "—for it! Life doesn't discriminate, between the sinners and the saints; it takes, and it"—you get my drift.
  8. Why did Schmackary's laugh off the idea about calling their pumpkin cookie "Schmackary Binx?"
  9. What if the Hocus Pocus movie doesn't come in my lifetime?
  10. I really hope the Baby Hitler thing will pass over Broadway Twitter during the night.
  11. Like the shadow of death in Prince of Egypt.
  12. I wish I could paint my Twitter feed with metaphorical lamb's blood and bypass so many things.
  13. I wonder if anyone else has a countdown paper chain going for The Wiz Live.