Things That Happened Around The World The Year I Was Born

The year is 1986.
  1. January 1986
    January 26: Super Bowl 20, Chicago Bears vs New England Patriots. The Bears won 46 to 10.
  2. February 1986
    February 3: Pixar Animation Studios opened in California.
  3. March 1986
    March 25: The 58th Academy Awards were held in Los Angeles with Out Of Africa winning Best Picture.
  4. April 1986
    April 13: The first child born to a non-related surrogate mother is born.
  5. May 1986
    May 12: NBC debuts the current well-known peacock as seen in the NBC 60th Anniversary Celebration.
  6. June 1986
    June 23: Eric Thomas develops Listerv, the first email list management software.
  7. July 1986
    July 5: The Statue of Liberty is reopened to the public after celebrating its centennial.
  8. August 1986
    August 6: Australian Democrats leader Don Chipp retires from federal parliament and is succeeded by Janine Haines, the first woman to lead a political party in Australia.
  9. September 1986
    September 8: The Oprah Winfrey Show premieres in syndication.
  10. October 1986
    October 28: The centennial of the Statue of Liberty's dedication is celebrated in New York Harbor.
  11. November 1986
    November 22: Mike Tyson wins his first world boxing title in Las Vegas.
  12. December 1986
    December 26: After 35 years on the airwaves and holding the title of longest-running non-news program, NBC airs the final episode of the daytime drama Search for Tomorrow.